What is the Virtual Seating Coach?

Clinicians typically recommend a repositioning regimen for clients who utilize a power wheelchair with power seat functions. It's clinically understood that using power seat functions allows users to stay in their chair longer, be more active and potentially prevent secondary complications. The challenge is helping clients successfully implement the regimen into their daily lives.

To address this challenge, Permobil has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh's Human Engineering Research Laboratories to provide the Virtual Seating Coach (VSC). The VSC is an app and web based tool that enables clinicians to establish appropriate seat repositioning recommendations, remind their clients to keep up their good work and track their progress.


Virtual Seating Coach


How does the Virtual Seating Coach work?

Using the VSC web portal, clinicians can create an individualized seating regimen that specifies the amount of tilt, recline and legrest elevation as well as the duration and frequency of the repositioning. The regimen is then transferred to the VSC app, which provides alerts to the client when it's time to reposition and records compliance and seat usage. The data can be accessed remotely through the web portal, giving clinicians unprecedented access to actual seat function use.

You can find more information in our Quick start guide, Getting Started FAQ or or on the Support-page.

Mobile App

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